Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual Weekly Pitch See Below Left
Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual Weekly Pitch See Below Left

A Fab's Pizza

Sadly, I often hear or read  people stating how pizza can quickly become a bad experience as a take away. While I know most of us love this type of food, How can it be bad?


 For me My Fab Pizza is:
A type of food that can bring people together, While I make them as individual 12 inches pizza, it can be to share, being a subject of conversation, a participation to sport events, divertissement or simply enjoyable food, creating a firework of aromas and taste.  

My Fab Pizza is also:
On top of  what's mentioned above,  a relaxing moment for Mum/Dad, or those who don't bother to make tea/dinner, while making sure the kids get their smile up to their ears! A great weekly family reunion, with no arguments, lot's of fun and Joy!

Therefore My fab Pizza comprises:
A touch of "je ne sais quoi!"  and lot's of delicious  flavour in a cardboard box, a chessy-stringy 8 slices of great food, a chore constiting of only putting awaythe box  in a recycling bin!
Time maybe to bring some uneasy subject...? (Darling I missed the fence post coming home but not the neighbor's brand new car!! Can you sort this out please??)

Our Weekly Pitches are: 4.30-8.30pm



     RH17 6BJ

Wednesday: Balcombe: RH17 6HP



       RH16 2EB  Friday:     Burgess Hil  RH15 0RA

Week-end:   Your Private Party!

 Summer /winter Opening time  4.30pm to 8.30pm


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