Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual Weekly Pitch See Below Left
Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual Weekly Pitch See Below Left

      Fab's Pizza Menu (Gluten Free base / Vegan Cheese Available)

           You can Pre-order by txt or call: 07983097073

No1  Margherita                                                                                            £8.00

(Tomato base, Mozzarella & fresh Basil on demand)

No2  Fungo                                                                                                       £9.00

(Tomato base, fresh sliced Mushroom & Mozzarella)

N03  Proscuitto                                                                                               £9.00

(Tomato base, Ham & Mozzarella)

No4 Quattro Fromaggi                                                                           £10.00

(Tomato Base, Blue Stilton, Camenbert, Mozzarella & Goat cheese)

No5  Chorizo                                                                                                £9.00                               (Tomato base, Chorizo sliced & Mozzarella)

No6 Vegetariano                                                                                            £9.00

(Tomato base, Red onions, Sweetcorn, Sunflower seeds +1Veg of your choice & Mozzarella)

No7  Meatballs                                                                                           £9.00

(Tomato Base, Swedish cooked Pork & beef Meatballs & Mozzarella)

No8  Pepperoni                                                                                          £9.00

 (Tomato Base, Pepperoni sliced & Mozzarella)

No9  Germany                                                                                                 £9.50                                (Tomato Base, Frankfurter sausage sliced & Mozzarella)

No10   5 Meats                                                                                              £11.50                               (Tomato Base, any 5 meats from our menu & Mozzarella)

No11 Tonno & Capperi (Tuna)                                                     £10.00                     (Tomato base, Tuna flake, capers berry, red onions &Mozzarella)                                    

No12 Pollo (Chicken & 1 Veg)                                                        £10.00                    (Tomato base, cooked Chicken, Sweetcorn & Mozzarella)

No13 Regina (Ham& Mushrooms)                                            £10.00                        (Tomato base, Cooked Ham, Fresh sliced Mushrooms & Mozzarella)

No14 Quattro Stagioni                                                                       £10.00                              (4 Seasons) (Tomato base, mixed Peppers, Artichokes, sliced Mushrooms, Cherry Tomato & Mozzarella)

No15 Bolognese                                                                                     £10.00                         (Tomato base, Mince Beef in Bolognese homemade sauce & Mozzarella)

No16 Raclette                                                                                          £10.00                                   (Tomato base, sliced potatoes, red onions, Emmental & Mozzarella)

List of Topping @ £1.00 each:

Mixed Peppers, Pineapple, Chilli ,Cherry Tomatoes , Black olives , Rocket leaves &  any other veg topping available on our menu.

List of Toppings @ £1.00 each:

Any meat  from our menu, Tuna and Anchovies and all Cheeses.

Italian Romama style pizzas (from the  NorthTown  region of Italy are normally light toppings Pizzas with crispier cooked base) nevertheless delicious, light and digestives.

All our pizzas are made to order & hand stretched, using our own dough made from Italian's Flours. Approx. 12 inches in diameter. Cooked on the Stone baked, in Our French Wood Oven.

Our pizzas may contain some trace of Nuts products.

Dear patrons, we hope you are going to enjoy your pizza and we thank you in advance for your business. Fab and his team purveyor of Artisan pizza served to the local community of East/west Sussex UK.


Make you own is also possible just let us know.

  1. Choose either one Pizza from our menu and add the extra topping.
  2. Create your own base price will be £8.00 + toppings(s) Meat, Veg or cheese £1.00 each
  3. Vegan Cheese also Available £1.50
  4. Gluten Free base available on request and add your toppings (Schar 9inches base)
  5. Dip Sauce: Garlic Mayo, Chilli Garlic Mayo or Basil Mayo each £0.50
  6. NEW Spring 2022: French Desserts choice of 2  changing  weekly. £3.50 each



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