Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual
Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual  

My Passion

This is a very dificult one!  I dont think I have one ? or maybe I do? I certainly tend towards being passionate with value and "savoir faire". I did not during my youth recorded my grand-parents skills and mehtods and I regret it. They had such knowledge about Nature and the Environnment , I enjoyed watching and eating what they were able to make with not much! Whatever they were making it had a purpose and often mending stuff lasts forever. What does this mean to me?  It mean that with almost nothing, we can make people really pleased and it lasts in thier memory for a long time. For example what do I do today : making Fabs Artisan Pizza . The base ingredients come from a handful of products, yet the chemistry of mixing them results in indefinite possibility to satisfy the most difficult eater.    

Even the Italian Queen Margherita (1851-1926) was seduced by it, Pizza  for everyone! (certainly the most appreciated meal on earth!).
Do you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve  my passion? Then don't hesitate by getting in touch. Thank you


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