Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual
Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual  

Fab's Fabulous Artisan Pizza: Fab's Pizzas Food Truck

Fabs Fabulous Artisan Pizza, we're not just a Pizza take-away place, we're a place where people can experience a freshly made Artisan Pizza , topped with our Homemade Tomatoes sauce (we use Italian cooperative harvested plum tomatoes) and the toppings of your choice, either based on our menu or create your own. Fab is fully flexible and will try within his confine space to make your Pizzas as you wish.


Fab is an Artisan maker: Artisan follows specific rules and protocols from ancestral traditional methods; making sure the environment and ingredients used work in harmony. The result is: a light Pizza Dough with unmistakable flagrance, tasteful and above all a better digestibility.


Fab has selected a specific Pivetti Pizza Flour, made in Italy by a Miller that started to make Pizza flour in 1885.  Their experience combined with our Artisan methods  carry out on a daily basis to enable him to difference itself from his competitors.  


Our Wood oven that came from France: a Compagny with more than 40 years experience in Wood Ovens. Fab's oven is the 120 type: 1.2m in diameter, reaching 650 0C heat, weight: 430kg plus the table and foundation = 1/2 tonne load , therefore Fab van cannot race to his destination!


Fab 's Pizza Truck: Why as a French man I did not choose a Vintage French van or any other Vintage Van Type?  "Customers stating": visual attraction guarantee the crowd to flow in, However it is a shame to witness on the side of a main road, a  broken down Vintage van fully loaded to the hilt going to the venue boooked. What a despair for the customers! It does not mean it won't happen to us! We chose a more recent van, as they are more relaible, provide comfort and security and for its body that allows us to work while within restricted space but however much more comfortable than a vintage van.   A proverb state: the van appearance does not make the best Pizza!


Fabs Fabulous Artisan Pizza is a well-established business in West Sussex and Fab has a  wide-range experience in Catering & Hospitality since 1989. 

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Our Weekly Pitches are: 4.30-8.30pm



     RH17 6BJ

Wednesday: Balcombe: RH17 6HP



       RH16 2EB  Friday:     Burgess Hil  RH15 0RA

Week-end:   Your Private Party!

 Summer /winter Opening time  4.30pm to 8.30pm


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