Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual
Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual  

Fabs and his Backgroung in catering & Hospitality

Having both my parents being  professional caterer did not help me to follow it; instead it pushed me right into the pan!!! However it took some years before realising where I professionally belong to.


Initially  I wanted to keep away from unsocial working hours like I witness during my upbringing, I tried something else, while I qualified in another trade, I could feel deep inside; this was not for me. 

It started back in 1989 where I took my first position as a waiter in a Pizzeria-Bar-Gastro Restaurant called the Biblo on the Island of Oléron Southwestern coastal region of France!   There I was quickly promoted to work in the gastro restaurant and learn the waiter trade. The work condition were the worst I have encountered, however this made me robust and equipped for the rest of my life in catering industry. Then on, I worked in various reputable establishments in France graveling position from Commis Waiter to Maître-D’hôtel.


I arrived in the UK on the 16th April 1995 in Newhaven across from Dieppe on a ferry.

Newhaven what not the best Town to set a foot in England!!! At the time were the vestige of the recession where still showing. I took the A22 and travelled to South Godstone and arrived at “La Bonne Auberge” in Tilburstow Hill Road. This was one of the best moments spent working in this establishment, work was hard, however the Owner Antoine Jalley was great.

It is also there where I met my dear wife Sallie and certainly why I have settled in the UK.  


I left this place and went to work for Sir Terence Conrad fine dining room called “The Bluebird Club” in Chelsea London. Then to Prima Donna in West Wickham and finish working as Restaurant Manager @ Jeremy’s in Borde Hill Garden. My Daughter Taiha was born during  the following year completing our family with our son Matthew, and I deicided to step back from the catering industry.


It was time to come away from the unsocial hours I spent over the past 10 years. I went back to my initial  qualified trade, but again I could not fulfill myself.  We tried to settle  in France, but it did not work either

So we came back and started a new life in Burgess Hill.

Soon after I created my first business: Fabs Fabulous Food: A Breakfast/Lunch Wagon where I could mix my personal hospitality approach and some skills in cooking great Fabs Breakfast rolls, Fabs Burgers, cold Fabs Sarnies, ect.. This was a revelation, where I could still do what I love: Serving/Cooking at the same time, while delivering  a good service. I run this business in Bridge Road Ind. In Haywards Heath and many patrons from this area remembered me as Fab!

I decided to leave catering again! and pursued an online study with the OU, having now under my sleeves an Honours degree in Sustainability and Environment, I search to find a job in that field. Unfortunately the post offered where mainly trainee position and this could not suit my commitment in supporting my family.


I joined for over 5 years a Software engineering construction company. This business was taken over by an American Corporation and unfortunetly the department I worked for was terminated.


I decided to go back to my root, Food & Hospitallity to our local community. I attended an intense course on how to make Pizza and master all the keys points in this catering niche. I custom build our Food truck to the specification of having a real mobile Pizza kitchen. This Food truck allow me to cater for various needs and cope with large demands when needed, while respecting all requirements in Food & Hygiene.


Today I am enjoying every working day, around our beautiful south Downs countryside, being a Pizza Chef/Caterer, while still enjoying my family. Come and say "Hi "next time you see our Food Pizza truck @ one of our Pitches.


Thank you.


Fabrice known as Fab!


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