Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual
Fabs Pizzas Open as Usual  

A Fab's Pizza

Our Fab Pizza
Brings people together, While we make them individual 12 inches, 8 slices pizza, it can be share, being a subject of conversation, be part of a sport events,  or simply enjoyable food, creating a firework of aromas and taste.  


Our Weekly Pitches are: 4.30-8.30pm



     RH17 6BJ

Wednesday: Balcombe: RH17 6HP



       RH16 2EB  Friday:     Burgess Hil  RH15 0RA

Week-end:   Your Private Party!

 Summer /winter Opening time  4.30pm to 8.30pm


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If you have any queries ; please contact us  on:


Mob: 07983097073



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